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Postal mailers


Design and illustration


Hand illustration, Adobe Creative Suite

We are all used to shopping online these days. However, some customers prefer to receive communication through the post. Mat appeal is crucial for this type of marketing, and illustration speaks to the attention to detail that Osprey London applies to everything they produce. 

Postal mailer with cherry blossom and spring birds  illustration  and 15% off offer
Postal leaflet with illustration of handbag clasp and SALE 60% off wording
Postal Mailer featuring images of embroidered leaves and a 15% off message
Opsrey London SALE postcard with illustration of black handbag on a red background
Osprey London website banner with the word SALE draped with illustrations of a belt, watch, handbag and bobble hat.
Osprey London luxury event invitation with foil printed stag beetle and raven face.
Osprey London luxury event invitation with foil printed shop illustration with antlers at the roof
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