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Time for a rebrand?

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

In the heady days of starting a business, the logo is just another thing on the to-do list. Often there is no budget, sometimes it's just some bold lettering in red and blue with a crude drop shadow with a 'taa-daa... that will do' mentality. You muddle along for a while with your basic brand, perhaps adding some guidelines along the way. Then one day, you look at it and well, it's just doesn't work anymore. your business has changed, it's grown, it's changed tack.

So is it time to refresh your brand identity?

Before you engage a designer, you're going to need to do some research. How is your current brand perceived in the market? Talk to your employees, they are on the front line and may have valuable insights. Look at your competition, if they have the lion's share of the market, does their brand have strengths that yours doesn't? Look at trends, does your brand look tired and dated, is it lacking punch?

Seriously, stop being cheeky!

In the case of Mailchimp their cheeky mascot monkey was used everywhere. But as their platform and target audience changed, the Company wanted people to take them more seriously, time for a rebrand.

logo of a winking monkey wearing a blue hat next to the words MailChimp

Mailchimp, the rebrand has a bold new colour palette with a new font and logo, along with hand-drawn illustrations. Their new brand identity is bold and creative.

Black and yellow logo of the winking chimp with the words MailChimp

Branching Out

When he started his tree surgery business, Mark at The Arborist used a local printer to create his logo. Over time his business changed, his interest in green waste management and habitat conservation grew and he needed his brand to reflect this new direction.

The Arborist in dark green with 3 different trees positioned above the IST

The two businesses run in parallel and are often marketed together. That relationship had to be reflected in the new branding. The enclosing circle is a nod to the cycle of life, while the additional logo elements illustrate the importance of nature and the environment.

The Eco Arborist in mid green, with 2 trees over the S and T, a circle around them with leaves, soil and a plant growing.


The exercise of rebranding is involved but it's also exciting. Launching your new brand gives you a chance to talk about why you have made the change, you can share how your business has grown and hopefully engage some new customers.

If you are considering rebranding your business get in touch on 07880 551639.

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