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What's new for the New Year

Updated: 4 days ago


Photo of Katerina Meccano

Yesterday the decorations came down and most of the twinkling lights were boxed up (each year one set manages to stay in situ because I love them so much) and gradually I turn my mind to returning to the studio.

I'm not one for resolutions, more of an intention kind of girl. Last year I decided I wanted to work on some environmental projects, both in my art but also with my graphic design. I worked on a mandala which explored the impact of plastics on our oceans "The Meek Shall Inherit the Ocean". I loved working on this piece and it was selected for ArtFest, an online art exhibition in Bremen, Germany. But, my friends, this is just the beginning.

Illustration of a mandala of tropical fish and ocean plastic waste.

I'm going to dip my toe in the NFT water...the what, the where, the what? Click here for the definition - let's just say, I love art in all forms and being part of a new way for people to engage with artists is this space, I will keep you updated!

Now to my graphic designer role - I'm entering my 2nd year as a member of BNI, this network has been great for me. Though I initially thought it sounded like a cult - in reality, I have become part of a network of business owners who are there to support one another. I have overcome my awkwardness when talking about myself and my work. Previously, the idea of selling myself was a huge no-no, but after 52 weeks of speaking for 45 seconds about what I do and what I'd like to do has boosted by confidence and last year as a freelancer was fantastic. So a big shout out to BNI Herts of Oak.

So I'll share my intention for this year, I am looking to connect with businesses who care about this beautiful planet we live on. Businesses that are interested in making changes to deal with the climate crisis. Businesses that care about animals, humans, plants. Let's not stop at businesses though, maybe you are a scientist, and environmentalist, or you are a political campaigner... I want to get involved. I want my graphics skills to be part of the change.

So if you are someone or know someone who you think might be interested in working with a graphic designer and illustrator on a mission to stay on this planet rather than colonise a new one - please get in touch - let's chat and make this happen.

Have a good day,


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